Meet Christian

Christian Solorio Acuña is a member of the Arizona Legislature in the State House of Representatives, serving the new 26th legislative district area. Christian is a product of west Phoenix, and he is passionate about his community. As an architect, Christian worked with Central Arizona Shelter Services, Catholic Charities, The Foundation for Senior Living, and Trellis Community Development to implement more than $200 million dollars in new affordable housing investments in the state of Arizona. He continues his commitment beyond professional work serving as a State Representative for the district tackling issues in affordable housing, accessible education, and stronger, equitable communities. He is a member of the Alhambra Village Planning Committee and a member of Alhambra Elementary School Board. Christian combines his professional expertise and lived experience in the district to listen to residents’ needs and find the best way to serve and uplift members of our community.

Early Life

Representative Christian Solorio Acuña is the son of Mexican immigrants, who worked hard to provide a better life for him and his three siblings. His father worked in various restaurants and eventually launched a small business. With the same spirit of entrepreneurship, his mother started her own small business as a housecleaner and caregiver. Both parents strived to give their four kids what they didn’t have while growing up. After sharing living spaces with other families and moving from trailer, apartments, and different homes, the family of 6 settled in the Alhambra neighborhood.

Christian made a commitment at an early age to serve.

Christian is a product of public schools. He attended Alhambra Elementary Schools, and graduated from Metro Tech High School–part of the Phoenix Union School District family of schools. After experiencing the direct struggle for housing throughout his childhood, he aspired to design affordable homes for families so they don’t struggle so much. He enrolled in the architectural drafting vocational at his high school and he attended Arizona State University to study architecture. Throughout his life, he continued to be of service and kept his spirit of volunteering and community involvement as a resident of the district for over 20 years. Christian actively designs affordable housing homes and communities throughout Arizona.